I’ve packaged my services to match any stage you’re at in your business — but you can cherrypick whatever you need.

starting out

Give your new idea an identity

Starting any new venture alone is hard, but together we can create something you’re really chuffed with, and stands out to your customers.

At a glance
— Positioning research
— Naming exercise
— Brand development of 1 stylescape
— Starter brand kit of all your new assets

Take your brand to the next level

Polish something promising

Your product’s getting traction but the visual is holding it back? We’ll create a new evolved brand ready for the next stage of your growth.

At a glance
— Positioning research
— Evolution of existing brand
— Brand development of 1 stylescape
— Starter brand kit of all your new assets
— Collateral and website updated 

full package

Reimagine around your purpose

Brands can go stale, and start to reflect old values. We take it back to first principles, to recreate everything around your new purpose.

At a glance
— Brand clarity workshop
— Brand refresh or complete rebrand
— Brand development of 1 or 2 stylescapes
— Starter brand kit of all your new assets
— Collateral and website updated 

all services

The details explained

This half day workshop is ideal if you’re struggling to find clarity on how to position your brand. This workshop helps you find and define your ‘why’, your unique selling point against competitors and really stand out to your customers.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

This research is a foundational step in understanding your brand. It covers where your brand fits in the marketplace, what makes your brand unique and what the competitor landscape tells us. This will determine the creative direction of the design concept to create a brand with heart, that is set up to stand the test of time.
Naming things can be incredibly challenging, but looking at it strategically takes all the guesswork out of it. I guide you through a handful of exercises over the course of a week, followed by a market test for the top choices. So you end up with a unique brand name you and your customers will fall in love with.

A stylescape is a collection of the brand assets that are combined together to build the visual aesthetic of the brand to provide a comprehensive snapshot of what the brand could look like as a whole. Strategic Branding takes the guess work out of it, here is an example of the first presented stylescape for Open Dialogue Centre, you can see how little change was made from first presentation to final brand (see case study).


From here I implement any changes you have to make sure you are absolutely in love with your new brand.

This is all the brand assets packaged up into a tidy file for you to use wherever your brand is needed. This includes everything agreed in your package; the colour breakdowns, fonts, logo, brand mark, graphic devices, photography, icons, brand guidelines in all the formats you might need.

These are a set of rules that help you create a consistent brand experience in everything you do. Instead of worrying about which version of the PDF is the latest guidelines, you’ll receive yours as an online link, with easy to navigate features that save you time. Here’s an example of what you can expect as brand guidelines.

This can really vary depending what you specifically need for your brand, but some of the more common assets would be; stationery, website, signage, EDM, social media templates, packaging. All with the best in sustainable materials and approaches that are better for the planet.

Social media helps you build trust and authenticity with your customers, and can help you become a market leader in your field. I set up initial styles and templates for you to get started and build a toolkit in Canva so you can feel empowered to create your own content that is on-brand and looks professional.

I start with the foundations of the flow and structure of what your website needs to best communicate your brand message. We plan out the pages and content together, which I interpret into a sitemap. I then wireframe the full site to help kick off copy and design.

Platforms: I work in Shopify, Squarespace & WordPress and recommend which is the best option for you.

Sitemap: is a plan of the pages and content as a list.

Wireframes: map out the skeletal framework of a website, focusing on the content and functionality.

Figma: is a collaborative digital tool with commenting and questions easily added directly to the pages. With an interactive prototype you get a sense of what your site will look and feel like in reality, so we can iterate quickly to get to something you’re really happy with.

Responsive: Mobile is the main device that your customers will view your website on so it is very important to make sure your website looks its best not only in desktop but even more importantly on mobile. All website’s I build are responsive, using the main breakpoints; phone, ipad and desktop so it translates beautifully on all devices.

Complex web development: I create unique websites, but if you need something more complex I have web partners that I seamlessly manage throughout the process.

This is the tone of voice of your brand, and a key component of how you’ll be perceived. Some clients prefer to manage this themselves, but this add on is working with an outsourced specialists to bring a unique voice to your brand, so you can attract, convert and retain your ideal customers.

This is optimising the content on your site to make it easier for others to find it on Google. This can range from some quick best practices to a full SEO strategy, depending on what your brand needs to attract new customers.

If it’s not your cup of tea, I can take care of managing everything around the brand rollout. That would include any third party briefing and management such as copywriting, SEO and the physical production of collateral.

Typically I would get 2-3 quotes for you to choose from, giving my recommendation on specifics. I can involve you minimally (or as much as you would like to be) seamlessly rolling out your brand across all touchpoints and giving you time to focus on the rest of your brand. 

what to expect

What it looks like to work together



Calls to understand you, your business and your goals. This helps you feel confident we’ll be a good fit, and set the project up for success.



We’ll break down your project into deliverables and milestones, so we can be concrete on the project’s scope, timelines and costing for the quote.



We’ll chat through your brand, it’s purpose, and all the details that make it unique. Capturing these insights helps draw up the foundations of your brand.



Distilling everything shared so far, I first playback insights on competitors, any opportunities, then present directions to you as a stylescape.



We iterate on directions until we’ve found our winner, then we move into the rollout of the new brand across all the assets included in the project.



Your brand is now ready to launch to the world. Any collateral will be activated, and you’ll receive all final assets and files in an online transfer.

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