I design with purpose, setting you up for success and the right kind of impact.

With a brand that cares about tomorrow.

Sound like you? Let’s chat.

What can I do for you?

Elevate your brand’s potential.

Give your new idea an identity

Starting any new venture alone is hard, but together we can create something you’re really chuffed with, and stands out to your customers.

Polish something promising

Your product’s getting traction but the image is holding it back? We’ll create a new evolved brand ready for the next stage of your growth.

Reimagine around your purpose

Brands can go stale, and start to reflect old values. We take it back to first principles, to recreate everything around your new purpose.

With lean services to get you there faster.

Purpose workshops

I can help you work out your ‘why’. What sets you and your competitors apart, and what makes you feel special to your customers.

Green Collateral

We find the best quality materials, tailor them to your needs, and use sustainable options as our default.

Full management

End to end brand development where you’re involved at every step. We seamlessly apply your new brand across all your touchpoints.

Some favourite's


Scandurra Architects
Designing homes that adapt to the seasons


Eco Dogs Aust
Treat your dog to an orthopedic Dog Bed


Tania Boyd
The Wellbeing Path

Meet the maker
Rachel Sebastian Founder of Nicely Done

I’m a one woman studio, that scales up as it needs.

I’m passionate about creating sustainable and meaningful brands with purpose. With over 12 years experience, I’ve learnt how to effectively develop the kernel of an idea into a meaningful brand, all centered around your purpose and tailored to your needs.

Why should you work with me?
Value 01 Sustainable

Sustainable — 
Work today that won’t compromise tomorrow

Value 02 Holistic

Holistic —
Approaches to help consider every aspect

Value 03 Collaborative
Collaborative —
Methods used to get to the core of the brand
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